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Who we are

ULM is a registered non-profit with a growing community of supporters and volunteers spread across the world. We are an educational, research and advocacy group. We present a new socio-economic-political model as a systemic solution to our society’s existing crises. Our proposal can radically improve the quality of people’s lives and redefine the state of human existence. Our motley group is focused on promoting and implementing a holistic approach to managing and enhancing life on a global level. We propose to replace the outdated social system that is largely shaped by market economics with a new happiness and well-being centric model.

What does Universal Life Management – ULM mean ?

The term “Universal Life Management” implies a holistic approach to managing life on the planet, with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity. ULM seeks to bring about a new system that ensures that not only life’s requirements are met for all, but the adopted system provides a foundation for everybody to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. ULM programs advocate and produce such wisdom of life which can form the basis for a global planning, management and decision making framework that suits all beings.ULM focuses on achieving “sustainable happiness” through a shift in systems, utilizing the democratic tools that are currently available. 

ULM philosophy highlights the need to move away from current structures that perpetuate inequality, environmental destruction, and other issues that detract from human well-being. Our focus on happiness suggests a belief that measures of economic success, such as GDP, are inadequate in capturing the true well-being of individuals and societies. The term “Universal” implies that the organization aims to be inclusive of all people and cultures, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life on the planet.

ULM Vision

We aim to establish a society where people feel supported by the system to fulfill their innate desires and can pursue their interests to find meaning, purpose, belonging and happiness. Our vision is of a world where every individual can live a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable life. We intend to transform the cultural landscape to create a more progressive and inclusive society, one that is more responsive to the needs of its citizens and better equipped to address social and environmental challenges. We aim to promote the idea that happiness is a fundamental human right and social system design should ensure such an outcome.

ULM Mission

To spread the awareness of “THE HAPPINESS CENTRIC SYSTEM” and its philosphy globally so that it becomes a matter of public discourse and we arrive at a point where a survey can be conducted to ascertain the acceptability of the model.

ULM programs shall educate masses about a systemic solution, develop the tradition of systems approach for solving global challenges and will help identify, groom potential leaders so that the society can move in a well resolved direction.


  • We create and disseminate knowledge products beneficial for the well-being and happiness of all beings. We generate thought-provoking conversations, research papers, books, audio visuals, interviews, films, learning programs, and other knowledge products.
  • We provide system-based solutions for various socioeconomic and political challenges that affect the lives of all citizens. We are presenting the design of a new socio-economic-political system that can protect the earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations. A system that aims to create complete and simultaneous happiness for all human beings and eliminate suffering caused by ill-designed systems.
  • We discuss, and analyze, visions, models, and pathways that point to a “next system” radically different in fundamental ways from the failed systems of the past and present and claim to be capable of delivering superior social, economic, and ecological outcomes.
  • We present the knowledge of a new philosophy for a joyous life. We conduct workshops and hold talks on consciousness, education, economics, philosophy, political system, leadership, personality development and to educate people about the process, objectives, and protocols of meaningful dialogue and its significance for human society.
  • We identify individuals amongst the general public who can be potential leaders in various fields. We support and mentor them to become the next generation of leaders who have a clear vision for human society.


  • To engage and collaborate with national and international institutions including – academic, research, government, non-government (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBO’s), civil society organizations (CSO’s) and consultancy agencies for a common consensus to be achieved and a roadmap for humanity is derived.
  • To invite many of the leading thinkers and designers of comprehensive systemic alternatives to contribute papers and have dialogue for new systems. We invite thinkers to articulate new systemic visions adequate to the long-term crisis facing our society.
  • To catalyze a substantive dialogue about the next system and how we might go about its construction. We are developing a global dialogue platform to discuss solutions for challenges humanity faces.
  • To engage with young minds, inculcate critical thinking in them, educate them about the importance and process of dialogue. The organization shall use awareness, dialogue, research and such other avenues to further its mission.

Mr. Premjeet Sirohi

(Founder and president ULM)


Premjeet Sirohi is a public speaker, philosopher, and advocate for systems change. He is also the author of the book – The Complete Solution- A New socio-economic-political System. He has given several lectures and participated in various forums in India and abroad covering a wide range of subjects in his lectures ranging from political economy, sociology, philosophy, and psychology. He gives lectures on a system-based solution for solving global challenges such as inequality, unemployment, poverty, religious conflicts, large-scale conflicts, government accountability (transparency), food and water security, lack of education, lack of healthcare, lack of safety and well-being, human rights, climate change, etc. His central theme is the paradigm of new economics by which just distribution of resources is possible for fulfilling the aspirations of all beings. He also has a novel understanding of human consciousness and is a meditation guide. He has developed a program for a deeper experience of self so that clarity emerges about who we are, how we function, and why we are here. His book on Sampurna Jeevan Darshan, titled -“The complete philosophy of Life” in English describes a new philosophy of human life and answers all questions related to existence, consciousness, cosmogenesis, the purpose of life, ethics, the root cause of human suffering, solution for human suffering etc. His findings are very unique, radical and unheard of in the academic tradition. He has a graduate degree in science and a post-graduate certificate in journalism as well as a post-graduate diploma in multimedia and animation. He also lived as a Hindu monk for 10 years in the earlier part of his life while searching answers for his questions and doing inner and outer exploration.